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Cookies policy

This Website uses Google Analytics ( for website analytics purposes – meaning that we use them to see how many visitors come to Website, the pages that generate interest and the links that visitors most often click on (amongst other things). Google Analytics uses cookies – small text files that are placed on your computer that store certain limited information about you. The cookies we use do not enable any website visitor to be individually identified and will only be used for website analytics purposes.


The web browsers of most computers are initially set up to accept cookies. If you prefer, you can set your web browser to disable cookies or to inform you when a website is attempting to add a cookie. You can also delete cookies that have previously been added to your computer’s cookie file.

You can set your browser to disable persistent cookies and/or session cookies but if you disable session cookies, although you will be able to view this Website’s unsecured pages, you may not be able to log onto any authenticated pages. Please visit to discover how to disable and delete cookies.


If you have any queries regarding privacy issues, then please write to us at Aequus 20 Old Bond Street, Bath, BA1 1BP. To ensure that we carry out your instructions accurately, to help us continually improve our service and in the interests of security, we may monitor and/or record your telephone calls with us. All recordings are our sole property. Please see the Terms and conditions and Privacy Policy for more details on the use of our Website.

Cookie Description Expiry
__utma Records a users visits to our website, used to determine return visits and unique users. Never
__utmb Records when a users enters our website. At end of session
__utmc Records when a users exits our website. 30 minutes
__utmz Records where a user to our website was referred from, their location, which search engine they used, which search terms they used, what links they clicked on when visiting out website. 6 months

Google Analytics is a statistics facility that the Council uses to record information about your visit to our site, and helps us identify the information you are interested in. If you do not wish Google Analytics cookies to remain on your computer, you may either remove these cookies, or opt out of the Analytics service by installing an add-on for your browser. This can be found at

For Google privacy policies please see: